October 2018 speaker: John Malcolm

OUR October 2018 Speaker was John Malcolm. He is originally from New Hampshire in the United States, but now lives in Cardiff.  His crossing of the Atlantic was directly influenced by his fascination for Jack the Ripper. But his talk would be one of reminiscence, reflection and observation. Twenty-five Years of Adventure, Introspection & Exasperation…

Diane Janes talk review by Ed Stow

DIANE JANES – ED STOW – APRIL 2018 In what now passes for normality, we gathered on the basement meeting room of the Chamberlain Hotel on the Minories for the April 2018 meeting of the Whitechapel Society. Sue Parry gave the ‘Parish Notices’ before Steve Rattey announced the topic for the next interim meeting) –…

Next meeting – Saturday 6th February

The next meeting of The Whitechapel Society will take place on Saturday 6th February. Chris Jones – Bruce and Florence:Busting the Conspiracy Unfortunately our advertised speaker Kate Colquhoun has had to withdraw unexpectedly but we are delighted that Chris Jones will now be our speaker.   See Meetings pages for location details.  

Next meeting – Saturday 5th December

The next meeting of The Whitechapel Society will take place on Saturday 5th December.   Neil Storey. East End Tales of Ghosts, Grim Times and Dark Deeds. More to follow.   See this page for events taking place on the day following the meeting – Sunday 6th December.   See Meetings pages for location details.  

New venue – The Chamberlain Hotel, Minories

As announced at the August meeting Dirty Dicks is undergoing refurbishment and when it re-opens they will no longer offer private hire. We are therefore delighted to announce our new venue will be The Chamberlain Hotel on Minories. We look forward to seeing you at our new home, starting with our next meeting on Saturday 3rd…

Next meeting – Saturday 3rd October

The next meeting of The Whitechapel Society will take place on Saturday 3rd October. Angela Buckley – The Real Sherlock Holmes Angela Buckley is the author of The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada. She has shared stories from Detective Caminada’s casebook on BBC radio and television, in national magazines and newspapers…

February 2014 – ‘Dead End Kids’ by Ian Parson

The Jack the Ripper crimes vie with the Kennedy assassination as history’s greatest murder mystery. They inspire visions of a black garbed figure at midnight, stalking gaslit streets shrouded in fog as he cuts down the female population of East London one by one.
That is the image. The reality was the murder of several tragic Women whom a society shaped by gold, and the hypocrisy it spawned, cast out to be buffeted by the cruel winds of poverty until they were driven under a murderer’s knife. In a moving editorial following the death of Annie Chapman the “Daily Telegraph” said: