December 2014 – The Elephant Man by Jef Page

The Jack the Ripper crimes vie with the Kennedy assassination as history’s greatest murder mystery. They inspire visions of a black garbed figure at midnight, stalking gaslit streets shrouded in fog as he cuts down the female population of East London one by one.
That is the image. The reality was the murder of several tragic Women whom a society shaped by gold, and the hypocrisy it spawned, cast out to be buffeted by the cruel winds of poverty until they were driven under a murderer’s knife. In a moving editorial following the death of Annie Chapman the “Daily Telegraph” said:

Next meeting – Saturday 1st August

The next meeting of The Whitechapel Society will take place on Saturday 1st August. Edward Stow –  Lechmere and the Masonic Conspiracy. Edward Stow will give a resume of the main case against Charles Lechmere (aka Charles Cross) as a Jack the Ripper suspect, and also present for the first time  some new research linking…