Saturday the 5th was the best interim meeting for a long time. Years possibly. The new format of a ‘sit around’, informal talk on a dedicated subject was really successful.  The topic of the night was research and where to start.  Sadly several people had to cancel but it still left a few.  Mellissa Ford with her husband Paul. Bill Beadle, Mark Galloway, Ed Stow and myself.  Mellissa showed us methods she has employed to investigate her family past and other work she has conducted for her History Society.  The discussions must have all been pretty intriguing as we all got a drink at 07:30 and it was nearly 10:00 when we got a second. Personally I was staggered by the enormous level of detective work required and it really made me want to watch an episode of the TV programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are’.  There was good input from all around the table and Mellissa left us with this thought.  “The only thing I would say is that you never know to where and to what your research will take you, because it will all depends on what you find first from the details on the certificates in relation to what is on other documents you come upon”.  Great stuff. Looking forward to May.


The next interim meeting will be at The Chamberlain Hotel on the 7th of May 19:00 – 19:30 hrs. The subject will be………. What Do We Do We Know About The Police at Street Level in 1888?