Welcome to The Whitechapel Society

The Whitechapel Society is a long-established historical society, originally set up to study the murders of Jack the Ripper and to shine a light on the conditions under which the victims lived.
The Society has grown over the years to include experts in many aspects of Victorian and Edwardian East End life. Members past and present have produced some of the most respected books and papers on East End crime ever written, including Spring-heeled Jack, Jack the Ripper, the Kray twins and many more.

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2024 Speakers and Events

Date Speaker Title
Saturday 3rd February TBA TBA
Saturday 6th April TBA TBA



At the time of publication details of speakers and topics are correct. Whilst every effort is made to deliver this schedule circumstances beyond the control of the society may necessitate  changes to the schedule and in the event of such the Society accept no liability.

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