A Woman Alone in Whitechapel

This is a piece that appeared in the ‘Sunday Express’ newspaper on 22nd March 1925. It was written by the journalist Mrs. Cecil Chesterton who took it upon herself to tour the East End of the 1920’s to see for herself the quality of life – or lack of it, that the denizens of that neighbourhood endured. I am grateful to the author Nicholas Connell (‘The Man Who Hunted Jack the Ripper’), for finding this article and allowing us to reprint.

Jack The Ripper – A Life In Films

Few films concerning the Whitechapel murders concern themselves with the historic events of 1888. Jack is more often than not used as a “bogey man” figure or appears in a supporting role. Those films which attempt to stick to the facts invariably reach conclusions as outrageous as some of those in print. Jack the Ripper’s…