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Jack the Ripper The Terrible Legacy by The Whitechapel Society

Jack the Ripper – The Terrible Legacy

Author: The Whitechapel Society Type: Paperback

The Ripper’s legacy left many more victims in its wake than he could have ever imagined. From the Royal Family and the British Government to the London Police and the London poor, the list of ‘other’ victims that happened as a direct result of the Jack the Ripper murders goes on and on. . . The members of the Whitechapel Society have painstakingly researched original sources for many years and are only interested in providing the true facts. Each victim is looked at in detail by an expert, making this book the ultimate force in Ripper research.

Price: £10

London Murders in the Year of the Ripper by Peter Stubley

1888 – London Murders in the Year of the Ripper

Author: Peter Stubley Type: Paperback

In 1888 Jack the Ripper made the headlines with a series of horrific murders that remain unsolved to this day. But most killers are not shadowy figures stalking the streets with a lust for blood. Many are ordinary citizens driven to the ultimate crime by circumstance, a fit of anger or a desire for revenge. Their crimes, overshadowed by the few, sensational cases, are ignored, forgotten or written off. This book examines all the known murders in London in 1888 to build a picture of society. Who were the victims? How did they live, and how did they die? Why did a husband batter his wife to death after she failed to get him a cup of tea? How many died under the wheels of horse-driven cabs? Just how dangerous was London in 1888?

Price: £10

A Grim Almanc of Jack the Ripper by Neil Storey

A Grim Almanac of Jack the Ripper – 1870-1900

Author: Neil Storey Type: Paperback

A Grim Almanac of Jack the Ripper’s London 1870-1900 is a day-by-day catalogue of 365 ghastly tales from London city. Full of dreadful deeds, macabre deaths, strange occurrences and heinous homicides, this almanac explores the darker side of the capital’s past.

Price: £15

Hardback Books


The Little Book of Jack the Ripper

Author: The Whitechapel Society Type: Hardback

The Jack the Ripper mystery is one of the greatest whodunnits the world has ever known. With a backdrop of swirling fog, top hats and dark alleys, it is easy to see why this fascinating tale still continues to capture the imagination. The Little Book of Jack the Ripper explores the world of Victorian London, examining the case from every angle and including witness statements, reports and the reactions of the press. Richly illustrated, it is a book that you can dip in and out of during the twilight hours (but only if you’re brave enough!).

Compiled by the Whitechapel Society and drawing on their incredible expertise, it will delight true-crime enthusiasts everywhere.

Price: £10

The Dracula Secrets by Neil Storey

The Dracula Secrets – Jack the Ripper and the Darkest Sources of Bram Stoker

Author: Neil Storey Type: Hardback

Since the first publication of Dracula in 1897, there have been suggestions that the book’s protagonist is more closely associated with Jack the Ripper than a Transylvanian count. In The Dracula Secrets, historian Neil R. Storey undertakes an in-depth investigation of the sources used by Stoker during the writing of his seminal masterpiece.
Painting an evocative portrait of Stoker, his influences, his friends and the London he frequented in the late nineteenth century, Storey explores how Stoker created Dracula out of the climate of fear that was created by the Whitechapel murders in 1888. Indeed he asks, did Stoker know Jack the Ripper personally and hide the clues to this terrible knowledge in his book?
Having gained unprecedented access to the unique archive of one of Stoker’s most respected friends and the dedicatee of Dracula, Storey sheds new light on both Stoker and Dracula, and reveals startling new links between Stoker’s creation and the most infamous serial killer of all time.

Price: £20



Whitechapel Society Journal – Back issues

Author: The Whitechapel Society Type: Journal

Back issues of all editions of the highly respected Whitechapel Society Journal are available.

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Whitechapel Society Journal – Sample journal

Author: The Whitechapel Society Type: Journal

A sample edition of the highly respected Whitechapel Society Journal.