Robert Anderson - "Opening Pandora's Box - Syphilis in Whitechapel 1888"

Robert Anderson is the Managing Editor of the Casebook Ripper Wiki, a role he assumed after several years as a Senior Moderator at JTR Forums. Mr. Anderson has been fascinated by the Maybrick Diary since it was first brought forward in 1992 and is perhaps the world’s last unreconstructed Maybrickian. In 2007 he led an effort to take a fresh look at the Gas-Liquid Chromatography analysis of the Diary ink carried out by Leeds University in 1994, efforts he detailed at the 2012 York Ripper Conference. When he is not trying to run James Maybrick to ground, “Sir Robert” is a biotech venture capitalist after a 20 year career at Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers and has a keen interest in health and medical issues. He holds a Master's Degree from the Harvard Business School.